Argile Analytica


Geological & Sedimentological Studies

Our experienced geologists are well-qualified and trained to analyze data, interpret test results, and prepare complete and integrated geological reports as per our client’s needs.  Whether for geological or sedimentological characterization for field development, for reducing costs or mitigating risks, identifying bypass pay zones or for problem-solving, we can utilize a wide variety of direct and indirect geological and sedimentological data such as;

  • Petrographic observations including mineralogy, grain size, textures, pore architect, cementation and diagenetic history, utilizing thin sections (prepared from core, plugs, or high-graded drill cuttings)
  • well log (wireline) data,
  • lithological logs (wellsite observations based on drilling data and drill cuttings)
  • core plugs, FD and SW core
  • drill cuttings as direct data from zones of interest
  • outcrop or mined samples
  • measured porosity and permeability
  • SEM analyses
  • Various data from XRD, XRF, and PSD analyses, etc.

Please contact us for more information about how we can utilize available sedimentological data to supplement your reservoir interpretations.