Argile Analytica


Thin Section Preparation

Thin sections are prepared and customized as per the client’s needs for Petrographic analysis.  Thin section slides are created from high-graded drill cuttings (high-grading usually performed by an Argile Analytica specialist), core plugs, or core representing the interval or point sample of interest (outcrop or mined samples can also be utilized).

Standard and large format thin sections are prepared as per standard procedures.  After high-grading and/or cutting with precision saws and cleaning the samples if necessary, samples are impregnated with blue-dyed epoxy (or Rhodamin B for UV microscopy), to help show effective visible porosity and provide structural support to micro-structures within the sample.  The samples are mounted on a glass slide and stained for Double-Carbonate and/or K-Feldspar as per request, to assist in visual identification in PPL and photo images.  The samples are ground thin (Petro-Thin), lapped and polished (Struers and Buehler), to an industry standard thickness of 30 mm and covered with a glass slip.